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Runner-up Nominations

Dan Patch, I think, helped make the Minnesota State Fair a truly communal, family affair.
~Marie Magnuson, Roseville, MN

Still catching our hearts 100 years later, Dan Patch is the best of true stories. He is a pure inspiration. I get chills when I read that his training track at Savage, Minnesota, can be seen from space.
~Rosemary Diedrich, Garfield, MN

He was an advertising symbol before his time, a household word, and soon to be the topic of two books--one by Nodin Press and the other by S&S.
~Janet Williams, Savage, MN

His horse-racing record stood for years. He made Minnesota famous.
~Madison Overmoen, Shoreview, MN

He was a race horse who garnered much publicity and celebrity status in harness racing.
~Matt Toohey, Carver, MN

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