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Runner-up Nominations

Clara Ueland was a womens suffrage leader. First she campaigned for clean streets, clean water and clean air. 1910 was when she decided to campaign for womens suffrage in Minneapolis near her home. May of 1914 she put together a parade for the womens suffrage. In 1915 she went to the state capitol to support womens right to vote. She changed our country by fighting for the rights of women to vote.
~Erika Anderson, Minneapolis, MN

Clara Ueland was a school teacher and a mother of six children. Clara was the leader in the movement of Open free kindergarten. Clara organized a huge women suffarage parade. This lead to the group nominating her as president of the group. She lead the group to the capitol to support womens right to vote. When the 19th Amendment came in 1920 she said 'It is my happiest day'.
~Yariset Rodriguez, Minneapolis, MN

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