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Runner-up Nominations

She is an icon that is shared by multiple generations. She has the ability to change with the times and the world. She weaves a common thread through kitchens, families and homes throughout the country.
~Corrine Moore, Woodbury, MN

No, I'm not joking. Betty completely changed the practice of cooking in America, making it accessible to everyone. Today we take for granted standardized cooking practices, including standard cooking pan sizes and measuring practices, all started by Betty. I think she is a particularly fascinating personage because she's not really one person, but many women over the years and decades, all contributing to the idea of making cooking accessible and enjoyable for everyone. She leveled the class playing field when it came to cooking, and I think that's pretty powerful. Go Betty!
~Carrie Mercer, Minneapolis, MN

Betty represents family, food, wholesomeness. She promotes products grown in Minnesota.
~Susan Sivula, Maple Grove, MN

What would you and the family do without her cookbooks?
~Donna Lakang

Betty and General Mills are essential participants in the growth of our state. The agricultural products grown and used here are personified by Betty. Her involvement transcends into our high quality of life and family. P.S. I know she isn't real.
~Gayle Dreon, Maple Grove, MN

I've chosen Betty Crocker because she inspired young women that they can cook like their mothers and grandmothers. Betty Crocker's bakery offered housewives a solution. They could make their families a tasty dessert like the ones illustrated.
~Juan Lomax, Minneapolis, MN

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