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Runner-up Nominations

The Minnesota Twins move to Minnesota in October, 1960 began the transfer of our interest to professional sports
~Chuck Schoen, Wayzata, MN

I think the Minnesota Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves, Wild, Lynx etc. are unique because they are Minnesota and not Detroit, Green Bay, New York or Los Angeles. It is a noticeable difference in the world of professional sports. For fans, I think it creates more cohesion statewide for support. Instead of belonging just to that city, the teams are Minnesota, belonging to the state. I think more state residents take ownership because of that, even though we arent all fanatical fans like Yankees, Cubs or Packer fans. I'm not even sure why the teams arent named for specific cities I just know that the difference around the country is noticeable when there are recaps or box scores. Maybe it is just the Minnesota nice showcased for the whole country. Or to put the states name on all of the apparel! Whatever the case, I love that it makes our state different than everyone else."
~Anna Wagnild, Minnetonka, MN

Getting an NBA franchise after losing the Lakers showed Minnesota was a big league city. Being one of the few metro cities with major league football, baseball, hockey, basketball makes Minnesota more than just a cold place in the winter.
~Don Ackerman, Burnsville, MN

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