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Runner-up Nominations

The turmoil of the 1960s is well-known but less well-known is the fact that Minnesota was the source of one of the movements that developed in that era.

The American Indian Movement came out of the experiences of Ojibway and Dakota living in the neighborhood surrounding Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis.

It started in 1968 and was involved in many things, including protests demanding, among other things, an end to police brutality and housing discrimination. A.I.M provided much of the leadership at Wounded Knee actions.

Their proactive actions included the creation of several Indian survival schools that combined education with cultural awareness. The group, though changed over the years, is still in existence.

While controversial topics, especially those connected with traditional cultures, may be somewhat dicey for MnHS, I think that A.I.M. should be strongly considered for inclusion as one of the chosen 150.
~Steve Trimble, St. Paul, MN

I've done work in Oklahoma where there are more than 60 tribes represented. Minnesota has only 2 yet they are vocal and active. I don't know if AIM is the root of this activity, but they're certainly a symbol of it.
~Steve BoydSmith

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