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Photo: LOVE you!, TY! Tô traduzindo a notícia aqui e já já publico no site. =] In a strange mood :/ i feel really insecure and am in a bit of a bad mood and dont know why?! thanks :) : hahahaha. Ringing u now! ? hayemakerturner I'l meet you there say 1hr make him famous kony2012 Tak ada yg abadi, begitu juga dengan kesedihan. Jika kamu inginkan pelangi, kamu harus mampu bertahan dengan derasnya hujan.

SUPER IDOL HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY HappyBirthdayKidrauhl THANKS FOR ALL! please notice me:) 85 Chillen with my boy the Home Run Champ at the OrtizGolfClassic . goes in on LAL: Jim Buss has turned Lakers "into a steaming pool of nepotism roofing contractors in chicago and nincompoops. Oki doki, thanks ganaron a la grande!!! é q eut ava comendo um doce q tinha um pouquinho de vinho e bebida me da sono ... muuuito' :'D Syif , gak ada yang slh :)) ": What's wrong with me?-_______-"

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