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No plans... af. Estudos mostram que o derretimento das geleiras ameaçam mais de 1 bilhão de pessoas na Ásia climate cop17 y hasta desafinó al principio :s Tarea con I just finished a 3.11 mi run with a pace of 8'05"/mi and a time of 25:11 with Nike+ GPS. nikeplus " why are you walking someone else's dog? " XD My grandmaa listeningg to my cousinn Lil Louisiana's cd shee aboutt to hearr some voger stuff . Ui, Agora Respeitam a Gente BoaSorteNosEUAGL GusttavoLimaAmamosVoce

Hmm this social media crush sounds like a recipe for disaster. Three parts desperation to 1 part delusion with a dash of tequila. Quirky nice! Yo tengo ganas de entrarle a una morci a la parrila posta digo JAJAJAJA ( live on Wish I could go but I know better. Have fun and c u next time :-)

OPENFOLLOW JFB tepatin :D, bantu RT ya :) *37" Lets get HighThoughts trending! RT my last few messages and message me some of yours! Ok =] My attitude right now<<<<<<< I'm just now hungry. Oh No I Can't Let You Catch Up To Me =P. Well I need to restore Photoshop's "hosts" file but don't know how to : se vienen los de latinoamerica, ojala pasara eso c': Aku bosen nunggu ('o') km yg udh ninggalin (',') aku,, () cukup sudah, skarang waktunya aku \()/ MoveOn

We interior decorator san antonio speak your language. HIODHFODGNDO FGHDF IOGDFIG IODF G That's my excitement typing. Photo: Ed Miliband is a big fan of Boston Red Sox, who knew? SBTV jajajaj los gordos no comemos en público! Evanna Lynch a Twitteado OscarFail Porque hemos perdido 2 Oscar de Harry Potter. Es hora que todos abran sus... You all stare but you'll never see there's something inside me.

The new series of The Apprentice starts next Wednesday. Here's my preview of the 16 candidates ... bbcapprentice You and Ru make a hilarious combo (: U should the movie we worked on together called Starrbooty celebchat Speech is held over privacy in two European rulings: Pôa não gosto de homens me cutucando u.u haushau The good times of today are the sad thoughts of tomorrow. Bob Marley. HappyBirthdayBobMarley

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