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Shulman, who was born in St. Paul and who graduated from the U of M in 1942, was the creator of Dobie Gillis, great TV series in the late 1950s. But more importantly, Dobie Gillis was featured in two books, The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis and I Was A Teenaged Dwarf, which enjoyed fairly wide readership. In IWATD, Gillis spends time running around the campus of the University of Minnesota, and several buildings are mentioned by name. There's also a chapter making fun of our love of local politics, where Gillis dates a girl who's dad is running for governor.

Shulman also published a couple of other novels highly satirical stuff that doesn't really translate very well to the modern day, but Dobie Gillis is what he'll be remembered for. Now, I know that he's not quite up to the standards of the other authors that have come from the state, but the Dobie Gillis name still lives on in our collective memories, thanks in large part to the efforts of Nick-at-Night. And there's just no way that Fitzgerald will ever make anybody laugh half as hard as Shulman did.
~Zach Buchan, Minnespolis, MN




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