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Max Lowenthal was born in Mpls in 1888. He attended North High School. He graduated from Harvard Law School, clerked for Felix Frankfurther and later was a friend of Frankfurter and Louis Brandeis. He practiced law in New York, where he was an expert in interstate commerce. His book, The Investor Pays, published in 1933, was an expose of how interstate commerce was rigged.

He became a friend of Harry Truman and worked on the European refugee problem and the Nuremberg trials. He helped convince Truman to join Roosevelt's ticket, and maintained a temporary office in the White House along with Clark Clifford during debates over the final status of Palestine. He balanced the State Department's anti-State of Israel arguments and won Truman over to his stance. His contribution to Truman's recognition of Israel cannot be overestimated.
~Susan Hoffman, Minneapolis, MN




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