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After just a few short years in this country, immigrating from France, Mathias enlisted in the Civil War. He was wounded at the Battle of Corinth in Mississippi. A painting of his outfit fighting in that Battle of Corinth hangs in the Governor's Office at the state capitol. He recovered, due to the insistence of his company's chaplain, a young priest named John Ireland, even though the doctors said he was too far gone to save. Mathias and John became lifelong friends.

Later, Mathias became a deputy sheriff in Chaska, where he is buried with a G A R emblem on his grave. In Waconia City Park, there is a statue honoring those who fought. Among the members of G A R post 158, the W. R. Baxter Post from Chaska is the name of M. Logelin. Bishop John Ireland wrote that it was the valor and courage of the Minnesota 5th Infantry that won the Battle of Corinth, thereby severing the railroad from the South.

Mathias is my great-great-uncle, and one of my HEROS. He was a common man doing a very uncommon duty for his country. At the age of 72, he walked from the Old Soldiers' Home in Minneapolis to visit his relatives in Belle Plain ... that is 45 miles. He was one of the little men who did big things for our state and country, here in this land of opportunity.
~Thomas H. Logelin, St. Bonifacius, MN




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