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Other Nominations

Brought recognition to Minnesota.
~Mary Ann Erickson, Buffalo, MN

She put Minneapolis on the map--and a good role model for single women--or all women!
~Mercedes Rider

A tough, adventurous woman with a sense of humor. A great role model for women!
~Katie Paulson, St. Paul, MN

Introduced prime time TV to Minneapolis and Nicollet Mall.
~Scott Larson, Maple Grove, MN

Familiarized the US and the world with Minneapolis, Minnesota. A wonderful single gal who made it on her own!!
~Merilee Inman, Woodbury, MN

I grew up watching the Mary Tyler Moore show and I knew it was supposed to be about downtown Minneapolis. I started working downtown when I was 16 and I still work downtown. I love it. For whatever reason - Mary always stuck in my head. A few years ago, when they revealed her statue, I was impressed and glad to be a Minnesotan. I have been asked by people, "Where are you from?" When I mention Minneapolis, they say, "Oh, yeah, I remember the Mary Tyler Show."
~Laura, Moundview, MN

Mary Richards of The Mary Tyler Moore Show put Minneapolis on the map. For a very popular show of the 70s, it made more Americans aware of Minnesota, let alone Minneapolis. And they learned where the state/city was located on a USA map. Mary's kindness enforced the 'Minnesota Nice' persona. You couldn't help but fall in love with her.
~Robert Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

MTM put Minneapolis on the map with her television show. As a child growing up in northern Michigan, I became fascinated by Minneapolis and dreamed about someday living there ... and here I am! Traveling around the country the since I moved here in 1981, people commonly ask about Jesse, Prince, and MTM.
~Mark French, Golden Valley, MN




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