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Minnesota would not be Minnesota without the state's all-time social activist on behalf of peace and justice for the entire state for over 50 years. Marv Davidoff just turned 75 years old. He fought off cancer, he fought off the FBI, he fought off all of the would-be fascists in the society and he continues to work for peace and justice. He founded the Honeywell Project that has come alive again through the investigation as to whether AllianTech systems in Minnesota has been involved in making cluster bombs used in Israel and Lebanon. He's also very active in researching problems caused by depleted uranium.

Marv set the bar for every other peace and justice worker in the state who has followed him. He has some loyal allies in Women Against Military Madness and many other P & J groups. Without him Minnesota would not enjoy the fine reputation it does as a state interested in working towards peace and justice. I hope you'll recognize the contributions he's made to our society. They even outdo those of the greedy Minnesota Twins. Thank you.
~Will Shapira




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