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Mall of America was and is still a big thing for Minnesota. Mall of America brought in so many tourists. It is not only a great place for friends and family to shop and socialize, but it really did shape the way people look at Minnesota. I would bet that before M.O.A., people thought of Minnesota as a place to come and farm. BORING! But when M.O.A. was built, Minnesota had a more urban feeling to it.
~Jana Halstensgard, St. Anthony, MN

The Mall of America changed our state because it has every store you could possiby think of in it. MOA has things for kids, adults and teens in it. The MOA has things from books to clothes to candy and more. They have amusement parks and Lego land. I think MOA is a great place to go to have fun.
~Neyshaliz Rivera, Minneapolis, MN

Largest shopping mall that features an indoor amusement park with rollercoaster.
~Maryanne Mays

Brought many tourists which helped Minnesota economy in many ways. Hotels, restaurants, gas, bars, etc. etc.
~Laurie Olson, Buffalo, MN

The largest mall in America, which boasts of an indoor rollercoaster/amusement park.
~Maryanne Mays

It is Minnesota's trademark because everyone that comes to Minnesota knows about MOA. They all want to visit and it is a big mall where everyone can shop and eat and have fun. It is for all ages and that is why it is the trademark of Minnesota.
~Elana, Orono, MN

People come from all over the world to see such a building. They also get a taste of Minnesota while visiting.
~Meghan Walter, Bloomington, MN

What's a better place to go to get anything you need? People come from all over to take in the Mall's atmosphere and to check out the biggest mall in America. At least we get more tourists this way!
~Jennie Mounts, Inver Grove Heights, MN

The indoor mall concept originated in Minnesota. MOA is famous throughout the world. It's also the largest mall in the U.S.
~Pam Cielinski, St. Francis, MN

An amazing place, largest mall in the U.S. Whenever I visit here, everyone's first question back home is, "Are you gonna go to the Mall of America?" Minnesota is famous for it, all over.
~Alex Hill, Chesapeake, VA

This place brings people from all over the world. There are not only places to shop but also a lot of great entertainment.
~Emily H. Nguyen, Minneapolis, MN

This became the first must-go-to destination for visitors east of Las Vegas. The location near the airport became a boost to tourism and put Minnesota on the map as a shopping capitol. It is like Beverly Hills or Ranchero Drive for those that are not wealthy but want to feel like they are the wealthy.
~Tom Holmes, Champlin, MN

It's the largest mall in the country, and it attracts tourists from all over the world.
~Jaclyn Olafson, Shakopee, MN

Good food for families.
~Jacob Coleman

The Mall of America is a cornerstone of the Minnesota tourism industry. It provides employment. Its story links to the larger story of development in retail and entertainment complexes. Can be tied to the loss of Met Stadium and Met Center and the loss of the North Stars.
~Minnesota Business Academy Students, St. Paul, MN




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Oh my god i luv MOA. It's a place where there is something for everyone where you can go to have a blast. From Abercrombie to the park, there's something that everyone will enjoy. This place really put Minnesota on the map.

-Tim Glaraton, Oakdale


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