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What is MN150?

The MN150 wiki contains all the topics nominated for the MN150 exhibit at the Minnesota History Center. Look around, then add your comments.

The MN150 exhibit documents responses to the following question: What person, place, thing, or event originating in Minnesota do you think has transformed our state, our country, or the world? Learn more about the exhibit--and the book Minnesota 150: The People, Places, and Things that Shape Our State.
Exhibit Opening: October 13, 2007

Featured Topic
Metropolitan Building being razed, 1961

Destruction of the Metropolitan Building
The destruction of the Metropolitan Building in downtown Minneapolis created a national turning point in historic preservation.
~~Neil Gustafson, Minneapolis, MN

Create Your own MN150 list

Do you have your own list of what people, places, events, products make Minnesota or do you think there are other ways to organize/categorize the MN150 entries? If so create your own list!
(..and yes, you can list less than 150)

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