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Minnesota Brand Machinery I nominate Minnesota Brand Machinery for inclusion into the MN150 because of its impact in agricultural and prison management circles. The Minnesota brand of machinery was manufactured in the state prison system in Stillwater during the mid-20th-century. The red-painted Minnesota-brand hay rakes, balers, binders and manure spreaders were found to be reliable and value-priced equipment for use on Minnesota farms. Inmates worked in the manufacturing sheds, producing this machinery as part of the prison work activities. Today, inmates are still manufacturing items at Oak Park Heights, following the path of the machinery makers of past years. Minnesota brand is no longer manufactured.
~Bob Quist, Elk River, MN

Scott Atwater - Minneapolis outboard motors. Luverne Water - Luverne early autos and fire equip. Minneapolis Moline - Tractors, Carbines. Developed MM Mule for self-prop machines, developed 1940 tractor/auto with 40 mph speed. Excelsior motorcycles.
~Bob Nelson, Minneapolis, MN




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