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Lydia Johnson Brown was a milk lady at McKinley school. She's my mother. She did so many things. She was the first black milk lady at McKinley school. Her husband died and she raised five kids, the youngest was three, by herself at that time. My dad had been a soldier so we had some pension money but it was a lot to raise a family on her own. She had just bought a house and so she kept the house together until all of us were grown and all the kids were high school graduates. All but 2 have had some college experience. Since then, two have died but three are still alive.

She was a teacher and taught Sunday school. She was trained as a teacher but couldn't be one because they didn't allow black teachers at that time. She had been trained in a school in Roanoke, Virginia, near Richmond. She is unique to me because she raised 5 kids and they all came out ok. I've been volunteering ever since I've been 15. I try to help out whenever I can. I think that's something I got from my mom.
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Milk Lady at McKinley school for over fifteen years.
~Bill Tendle, Plymouth, MN




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