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George and Lloyd were the artistic offspring of a furniture store owner and coffin maker in Little Falls, Minnesota. Both were born in the city.

George, 1877-1958, was an artist and photographer. He won several drawing contests and went to the Minneapolis Art School. His illustrations appeared in the following national magazines: Browning's Magazine, Harper's Weekly, Broadway Magazine, The Circle Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Life, The Woman's Home Companion, House and Garden, and Vogue. When illustrations became old news for magazines, George turned to photography. His photos appeared in Camera Craft.

Lloyd, 1901-1974, was also an illustrator. Some of his early work can be seen in the 1921 yearbook of the Little Falls High School. He was one of the Art Directors on the Disney movie Bambi. He also worked for Brown and Bigelow, an advertising agency, and for Twentieth Century Fox Film Company Studio.
~Mary Warner, Little Falls, MN




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