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I just found out how funny I am!!! Paramore* lol I have been thinking and I think the end wasn't really what happened but that Shepard was indoctrinated by the reapers they made her run for 3 hours straight for eating a candy bar. she died of dehydration. haha dee kosh very good... cannot... haha need one more so-called "terkenal" ppl.. :B

A TED speaker's worst nightmare - YouTube The colorful spinning wheel of doom becomes a joyous thing! :D i want that old thing back *jay-z voice* ....No i dont lol Cada sonho que você deixa para trás, é um pedaço do seu futuro que deixa de existir. (Steve Jobs) oink oink (o.o) awww we try to remember everyone but it's getting slightly harder... at least we try to reply to every single one of our fans<3<3

Zayn is backkkkk yaaayyyy HesBack1D Bovendien: wie talent heeft moet natuurlijk van harte doorwerken. Het probleem zijn plakkers zonder inzet en enthousiasme. Del40al1 Chile: ¡One Direction en lo más alto del conteo! ¡Felicitaciones Directioners! Still Justin's birthday for 3 hours on the west coast :) We are delighted that we could help! ^dw bukan Hand up tapi Hands up nan-_- seo agency hahaha

that was truly an unforgettable moment, so glad I witnessed it...<3 aww my heart<3 LOCO HACE 3 AÑOS QUE TE CONOSCO. Y a ella hace cuanto hace 3 semanas? FALSA. No negaré que me siento completamente decepcionada. LOL Barcelona I feel asleep on u last night lol

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