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Laura's books are responsible for preserving Minnesota pioneer history of the 1870s and 1880s. They are printed in over 40 languages, making Minnesota history known all over the world. The books are loved by children and adults; many teachers read them to students in their classrooms. They are a tribute to the hard work and sacrifice made by all pioneers in settling Minnesota.
~Karen Erickson, Walnut Grove, MN

Sports, Mayo brothers, family, people, friends, forests, loons, water, government, population, roads, love, wildlife, trees, counties. They are all things of MN.
~Carleigh Windhorst, Cannon Falls, MN

The popular series of books brought to life Minnesotas pioneer history for children and adults alike. Through the eyes of a child, we read about the struggles of farming, the fear the pioneers had of the Indians, the isolation, as well as early town life, the one-room schoolhouse and the great importance of the weather in this state of extremes. Through Laura Ingalls Wilder, we have a common framework of early stories of Minnesota.
~Pam Olson, Maple Grove, MN

Her inspirational stories made Minnesota known by people around the world since they have been translated into 26 different languages. The television shows inspired by her books made our state's name even more widely known.
~Heather Schiefert, Maple Grove, MN

Continues to remind us of the men, women and children whose adventurous spirit made Minnesota and the US what they are today.
~Cheri Faragher

Laura was an ordinary person who belonged to an ordinary family. Who would have guessed writing about life on the prairie would captivate adults and kids for decades? Each year, kids all over the country go to camps to learn about Laura, her life and about times gone by. Families and individuals travel our country to see where Laura lived. Many, including myself, travel to Walnut Grove to see a sign and a creek where Laura probably lived. In this day and age of statements about kids and how all they love is technology, isn't it wonderful how a few written words have captured their minds and hearts?

Laura's books have been translated into various languages. People all over the world have an interest in a girl and young woman who did what many other American pioneers did. Her books connect us all to each other, regardless of where we live. Somehow, Laura even captivates boys. Boys read about Laura and participate in activities that many would consider traditionally a girl's activity. What other person in our history has had the ability to touch the hearts and minds of boys, girls and adults year after year without anyone losing interest? Laura has actually become more than just an ordinary girl from an ordinary family. She somehow figured out how to make her mark in history.
~Lara Homa

Laura gave us a wonderful window into the lives of members of a settler family in Minnesota, and the community in which they lived. Teachers across our whole country have read her books to their students. Her stories enlighten, inspire, and warm your soul.
~Rosemary Diedrich, Garfield, MN

Little House on the Prairie is one of many places that put Minnesota on the map.
~Kelsey Gustafson, Rush City, MN




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