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Other Nominations

All the lakes in Minnesota.
~Dan, Roseville, MN

The lakes drive recreation in this state.
~VIckie Loyva, Savage, MN

Lake Harriet Bandshell
Our City of Lakes, where families gathered for the scenery, beauty, and in harmony with the evening free concerts. At Lake Harriet, the original bandshell was renovated and transformed into another era. But, the Minnesota people were constant. We know how to enjoy our lakes during the short, sweet summertime. Around our Lady Lake with rich, deep memories with my family, friends and neighbors around a city lake.
~Kathleen Moffat, Anoka, MN

The land of sky blue water defines our state in the simplest and purest form.
~Dwight Dronen, Eden Prairie, MN

I think the lakes in Minnesota are for what we are known. For example, our nickname is the Great Lakes state. Also, if you look at our license plate, it shows the outdoors with a lake on it. The myth behind our large quantity of lakes is that wherever Paul Bunyan took a step that depression became a lake. Minnesota is also known for its fishing, and that is because of all of the lakes here. Minnesota is known for its lakes because we have the most in the USA other than Alaska.
~Taylor Matzoh, St. Anthony, MN

Lake Harriet
Lake Harriet has affected me in countless ways during my 30 years of life, from inspiring me to "seize the day" during a warm and windy summer's afternoon sail to numbing my senses and extremities during a winter's night run. And the faces! Some are vaguely familiar, some are new, some are old, some are family and friends. Some days the paths surrounding the lake are bustling with activity, joggers weaving in and out of mothers and babies in strollers with bikers and rollerbladers whizzing by. Oh, to imagine the times of yesteryear when pedestrians would dress up for a Sunday walk and horse-drawn carriages would pull citizens of our great state around its shores.

And the swimming! Whether at the main beach or the 47th Street beach, I can't let a summer go by without a Lake Harriet baptism. Look further out into the lake in July and you will see boats scattered about, both of the sail and fishing variety. Or, look out into the lake on a January night and you'll see many fishing houses aglow. Lake Harriet brings out droves of people to her shores and waves daily, getting us out of our homes in order to share this inner-city jewel together. This lake is a part of my soul; it gives me a sense of security and comfort to know that shell be there waiting for me to run around her shores after work tonight.
~Steven Dwyer, Minneapolis, MN

With so many lakes, we are blessed to have the opportunity to have fun and recharge.
~Lisa Breuer, Carver, MN

Thanks to the lakes, we are called the land of 10,000 lakes. Home for fish and water sports. A perfect place for our outdoor lifestyle.
~Alex Ozark, Robinsdale, MN

Lake Calhoun
All the helping people around the lakes.
~Shannon Dunsmore, Eden Prairie, MN

We're known for our lakes and people come from all around to come to our lakes and go fishing and stuff.
~Nicole Winegar, East Bethel, MN

The people who were here before anyone else had to make adaptations to the land and began certain traditions of farming and way of life/culture that we still use today. So those adaptations that those people made are part of Minnesota life today as we know it.
~Erin Jahns, Minnetonka, MN

We need water for the environment. We can take water and not ingest just sugar and caffeine in our bodies.
~Elle Eillespie, Thief River Falls, MN

Where else can you see such beautiful, diverse countryside? Rolling hills, prairie, lakes, streams, up north! St. Anthony Falls, Minnehaha Falls.
~Suzanne R. Kopp, Brooklyn Center, MN

All the lakes are our landmarks and recreation - summer-boating, winter fishing, ect. Deer hunting -it is an excused absence at school every year.
~Tha Cielinski, St. Francis, MN

It just wouldn't be Minnesota without lakes ... and mosquitoes! There are lakes wherever you go and Minnesotans know how to use them; swimming, fishing and water skiing. Summer or winter, we use our best natural resource.
~Wendy Mattera, Tonka Bay, MN

10,000 Lakes - It speaks for itself.
~Myron Kowaliw Jr., Andover, MN

Como and Phalen Lakes are the best-known to my St. Paulite students but of course Lake Superior was mentioned often as was the Boundary Waters and the Mississippi! So, we decided to include all 15,000 Lakes even if there are many duplicated named Lakes in this state!
~Kris Haslunds, Afton, MN

The lakes are the first impression you get when you fly into Minnesota. Once on the ground, you see them everywhere. Visitors always are impressed and the lakes' beauty sets Minnesota apart from all other states.
~Phillippa Saunders, Minnetonka, MN

Lakes, streams and rivers for the soul. Agriculture for our economy.
~Gregory Oftedahl, Shoreview, MN

No other state has 10,000 lakes.
~Shale Briskin, Bronxville, NY

Minnesota lakes are very important because there are a lot of them and they provide habitats for a lot of wildlife. Our lakes are beautiful and natural. There are a lot of fish in the lakes.
~John Lance, Medina, MN

Because we have so many.
~Amanda Beissler, Woodbury, MN

I think it is Minnesota lakes. It is a lot of fun fishing and camping by the lakes. Cooking great food by the fire. So, that's why I love Minnesota.
~Stephen Ojalvo, Shoreview, MN

I would also like to make a nomination for our lakes and the huge length of the combined shoreline, greater than any other of the lower 48 states. Everyone who doesn't live in Minnesota knows this little fact that we natives seem to say about our own shoreline, but it seems no one really believes us, and I even think some fellow natives hesitate. It would be really neat to show maybe some maps, distances, I don't really know. But I think it is a good idea that's catchy and that most people know something about. Then, this way they may see it more verified and that it is more than a myth.
~Molly Driessen

Lots of them. Providing abundant water, transportation, recreation, food sources, and tourism.
~Virginia A. Bogstad, Souix Falls, SD

Lake Washbern
Lake Washbern is a deep/shallow lake. It has a couple of sandbars and islands. Depth can go to 50 feet at deepest to ankle-deep on the sand-bars. Sandbars are around the islands.
~Peter Young, St. Louis Park, MN




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