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Congrats to Christopher Plummer on his first Academy Award! It was truly an honor working with you on Skyrim. I know right!! What holes! Everyday I scroll through this poo, I find a girl saying some rat poo, boostin', hoes exposing theirselves without even knowing. RT als je wilt dat er gestopt moet worden met schelden van en dat er een medicijn komt. Lanchando pipocacomcocacola MeCasaGeovanniFranco Trollfoot's Tramonto a Roma That someone has left there house when they didn't or say there closer than they are lol I always do it liespeoplealwaystell

Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like . </3 i don't even know how to reply to north york Asus laptop repair that.. Please followback and RT my first couple tracks... || StayKray love yeah little mix! that's why we have tail bones... Don't want to do this english project. "Las Directionators están celosas de Eleanor y Danielle, las Directioners estamos celosas de Louis y Liam".

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