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Other Nominations

He was the leader of the most memorable sports teams in our state's history, the 1991 Twins.
~Matt Dahl, Little Falls, MN

Minnesota Twins baseball, World Series, Kirby Puckett-need I say more.
~Linda Randall, Duluth, MN

Kirby Pucklett wasn't born in Minnesota but played for the Twins. He contributed so much to the Twins. He took them to a world series and won. He was a great centerfielder and had a lot of power. His career ended when he got hit by a pitch in the head and went blind in one eye. He was the best Twin player to many people and of course especially to me.
~Eamon Grodek, Minneapolis, MN

He showed true sportsmanship and leadership in making the Twins World Series champions twice. Kirby showed he loved the game of baseball more than a high paycheck.
~Becky Sorenson, Willmar, MN

Kirby Puckett was one of the greatest baseball players of all times and brought many people hope and happiness. He also gave so much to so many to give them chances or opportunities they would have never had otherwise.
~Adam Hystead

I'm nominating Kirby Puckett because he was the best person on the Twins team. Another is because he was a very nice to people, fans and family. The last thing is Kirby Puckett was supportive of his enemies as when they said mean things to him he said nice things back to them. That is why he should be nominated.
~Diamond Engle, Minneapolis, MN

In the pantheon of Minnesota heroes, Kirby Puckett almost rivals Paul Bunyan. To every kid growing up in Minnesota in the 1980s, Kirby Puckett was THE Minnesota Twin. He taught each and everyone of us, that by working hard and believing in yourself, you could accomplish anything!
~Ryan Shiek, Minneaapolis, MN

For winning game 6 of the 1991 World Series.
~Rick Imdicke, Chaska, MN

Because he was a famous baseball player, a nice guy and he died too young.
~Leah Barrett, St. Paul, MN

Kirby may have gotten into a bit of trouble but he helped donate money for kids to go to college, he was a team player and an all around good person.
~Maddy Wong, Falcon Heights, MN

Nicest, most inspiring, greatest, happiest, charismatic, fun-loving, easy to like man ever born.
~Hunter Bronco

I am nominating Kirby Puckett for the Minnesota 150 because he changed Minnesota Twins baseball forever. He was born on March 14, 1960 in Chicago, Illinois. He helped the Twins win a World Series with a game-winning homerun. He took an important role in the Minnesota Twins line up. He was drafted to the MLB in 1984. He retired in 1995 due to losing sight in his right eye. He was drafted to the baseball Hall of Fame in 2001. He died March 6, 2006.
~Francisco Gomez, Minneapolis, MN




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