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Her voice was heard around the world. She set the standard for female singers, she was original, considered a musical genius and one of the greatest actresses of all time. Her song, "Over the Rainbow," was named the song of the century. Her image, voice and persona are as alive today as they were in her youth - she continues to sell records 35 years after her death and remains a world-famous figure. What person from Minnesota can compete with that? Her enormous body of work holds up today and overshadows the sad last few years of her short life. She made an impact on the world and deserves this honor from her home state - she was the best thing to have ever come out of Minnesota. Through her popularity, significant tourism income is generated for northern Minnesota as her name does attract tourists to a place they may otherwise pass by. She is Minnesota's Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe. Promote her and love her; she will be around long after all of us are gone!
~Carl Ohsen

Judy went from a small girl in Grand Rapids, Minnesota to Hollywood. She never forgot where she came from. The Wizard of Oz will live on in our hearts forever!
~Susan Nelson, Duluth, MN

Her personal story needs to be told. The story of how she was pushed for almost her whole life by her family, mom, directors, and more, to be someone she wasn't, to look a certain way, on a strict diet. Life as a child star was very hard.
~Isabella Dawis

Judy was born in Grand Rapids. Became a famous star, especially as the main star in the Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy. She brought attention to our state.
~Sarah Rosner, Melrose, MN

Judy Garland was a famous actress. She was in the world-famous movie the Wizard of Oz. I think she made Minnesota famous for movies.
~Charlotte Hudgens, Lino Lakes, MN

Judy was a great movie star. She entertained millions and still does to this day. She left a legacy that will follow her forever. Minnesota is proud of their daughter.
~William Snyder, Minnetonka, MN

She is probably better known as Judy Garland. She was born and spent the first 4 1/2 years of her life in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. She is best remembered for her musical abilities and for her role as Dorothy Gale in the WIZARD OF OZ. She received an Academy Award for that role. For all people of Minnesota, she should be a role model of someone who grew up from a simple background to become a star and an amazing woman with a true heart of gold and love of laughter and performing.
~Thomas James Rosengren, Belgrade, MN

Judy Garland, born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, is one of the celebrities that have come from the great state of Minnesota. Let's not forget that not only was she an amazing singer she was also an actress in one of the most well-known, best childhood movies of all time, the Wizard of Oz. Her singing and acting talents will be remembered whenever you hear Somewhere Over the Rainbow or "There's no place like home."
~Erin Marrone, Maplewood, MN

Grand Rapids, Minnesota, film actress - Wizard of Oz.
~Jennie Ward Steffen, St. Michael, MN

She was the top movie star in the forties! She was from Grand Rapids, Minnesota!
~Mary Langner, Richfield, MN

Because of the Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland made Grand Rapids, Minnesota world-known.
~Ruth Paschke, Isanti, MN

Her incredible voice uplifted the world. Though her life was troubled her talent still affected the world.
~Jocaiah Spahr, Brooklyn Park, MN

Because she was one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th century and known worldwide. Her voice has touched so many people.
~Lucy Mae Suits, Minneapolis, MN



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Judy Garland was a Minnesota idol. She was amazing in the Wizard of Oz and is still inspiring people today.


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