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Joe Francis changed the barber and beauty industry as founder of The Barbers Franchise Company. He pioneered the men's hairstyling industry and began the first salon of its type in Highland Village, St. Paul, in 1963. He offered men razor cuts, more than just a flat top or crew cut. He was responsible for changing legislation on an old Minnesota barbering law that stated women could not cut men's hair. Also, sent the first woman in the state to barber school and hired her to work in his salon.

He is a Minnesota pioneer in franchising the personal service of haircutting and sold franchise salons across the globe. In the early 1980s, his company founded the Cost Cutters salons and concept ... no frills, discount hair cut prices for families. In early 1990s, he was responsible for bringing the first Franchise Education classes in the state to St. Thomas College. Joe Francis died on 4/14/1994.
~Vicki Audette, St. Paul, MN




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