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His advances in kidney transplants at the University of Minnesota have made wonderful advances in the science of transplants.
~Wendy Dusek, Roberts, WI

Dr. John Najarian, transplant surgeon, is a man whose intelligence, genius, and skill in the operating room allowed him to pioneer an entire field of medicine. Over the past three decades he performed countless organ transplants, first at the University of San Francisco and then as chief of surgery at the University of Minnesota. In doing so he almost single-handedly developed the practice of organ transplantation into what could be considered a routine procedure.

His colleagues in academia revere him. "A giant of 20th century medicine," in the words of the University of Pennsylvania's Arthur Caplan. His patients worship him. There is no question that this son of Armenian immigrants who passed up a professional football career to practice medicine was the model of compassion and dogged determinism when it came to patient care.

Dr. Najarian offered new hope to his patients with the development of antilymphocyte globulin 'ALG,' a 'potent cocktail of antibodies' capable of preventing the rejection of transplanted organs. Despite the controversy and legal questions that swirled around the development and use of ALG, Dr. Najarian remains a hero in my eyes. He offered hope where there had previously been none for transplant recipients.
~Brenda S. Hagen, North Mankato, MN




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