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Against great odds, in spite of relentless assault on his character, Jeff has steadfastly addressed the enormous amount of sexual abuse of children by clergy. These were uncharted waters and the avalanche of victims who have come forward from all over the United States are testimony to the historic reality of this phenomenon. Jeff has not only sought justice for countless victims, but he has quietly provided support and encouragement to many whose names never make the papers.

Single-handedly, he has raised the consciousness of our state and our country to the intricate systems that have protected and perpetrated this abuse for years. Because of Jeff Anderson, children are now safer and we have all become more diligent about issues of abuse involving children and vulnerable adults. Not a pretty subject, but a powerfully important contribution to Minnesota and to the nation.

Jeff Anderson's contribution to our society is not honored very often as the media and his opponents in the legal system rarely acknowledge the good he does and the change he has made in the Catholic Church, in particular. As a Catholic, I am very grateful to him.
~Carrie Kemp, West St. Paul, MN




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