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Having grown up in central Minnesota near St. Cloud and being the same age as Jacob Wetterling, his story has always held a special place in my heart. Jacob was born February 17, 1978. He was abducted near his home in St. Joseph, Minnesota when he was just 11 years old on October 22, 1989. His abduction affected many, none more so than his mother, Patty Wetterling. She helped establish the Jacob Wetterling Foundation whose mission is to educate families and communities to prevent the exploitation of children. The Foundation is the one good thing to come from the tragic event. Jacob, wherever you are, you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. God be with you!
~Thomas James Rosengren, Belgrade, MN

Jacob was abducted October 22,1989 near his home in St. Joseph, Minnesota. This event was heard around the world via America's Most Wanted and to date, is still being aired. Jacob has never been found.
~Lisa Folkestad, Las Vegas, NV

This tragic event brought people to realize how our children are not safe anywhere. Parents began to keep a much closer eye on their kids and to live in fear, fearing that their child could be abducted as easily. This also shows us how a mother/parent can turn such a tragedy into a positive experience as is displayed by Patty Wetterling since Jacob's abduction.
~Mary Baumgartner, Isanti, MN




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