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Interstate-35 linked Minnesota to the rest of the world. We were able to have many other visitors and we were able to travel around more ourselves. --Development of many towns along I-35 and helping communities grow --could have before and after pictures of towns along I-35.
~Amanda Hopkins, Pine City, MN

The construction/completion of I-35E in 1993, the second to last section of 50-year construction project of I-35. This last leg of the enormous national highway system, a system begun by then-President Eisenhower, goes from Laredo, Texas to Duluth, Minnesota without a stop. It was originally designed to be part of our national defense, since at that time there was no interconnected system of major highways connecting our nation. The final section in St. Paul is one of the most beautifully landscaped freeways in the country.
~Susan Latto, Duluth, MN




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