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Open data the key to unlocking success of the UK growth agenda Myia put her voice on !! (cr:monbrielle, Byeol_Choi) I'm at Bus Stop 50229 (Balestier Twrs) (Balestier Rd, Singapore you always do, well sometimes. YES that I can do ;) lol. If u accept me and my toblerone habits...

Preview of Wednesday's iPad 3 announcement; more evidence of similar form factor nossa '-' obg, obg msm '-' não vou falar a perfeiçao do seu fc, pq ainda nao existe a palavra certa ainda u_u Feeling sick jubilee2000uk.org Photo: jelousy is just love and hate at the same time avg. 26.5 kb/s utawrent? is that the best you can do?? here,take my energy,go faster When you marry a boy on facebook and everyone instantly thinks you're going out -_- n amor n e n e fik calm ta Versiculododia Pelo que, se alguém está em Cristo, nova criatura é as coisas velhas já passaram eis que tudo se fez novo.´ 2 corintios 5:17

Am I lame bcuz I hate clubs/parties?<<ditto. Lol Mehmet Okur is likely heading to Turkey. --- far too hardcore! QUESTION : Why open-ended social media campaigns are called bashtags crisispr -- () I thought this was absolutely hilarious! Good ol' Newt! Acabo de leer en tuenti: YOUR IS BEAUTIFUL. Interesante manejo del vocabulario británico.

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