How to Avoid soundcloud marketing Information Overload!

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I want to give you a small mantra you can use in your music promotion that goes like this...

& #34;I will spend 80% of my time producing amazing music, 15% soundcloud marketing and then 5% learning soundcloud plays material."

This is kind of like slicing off my nose to spite my face because I make a lot of soundcloud plays content myself, but if you spend your whole time eating up all the information it is very hard to actually get around to actually producing any music of worth...and

marketing crap music has a title... JUNK!

You need to think of all the on-line courses, manuals and publications like objects that are tugging you in all different directions and stay with one process until you allow it to be a success. But the fact remains that when you do not actually make any audio of worth you are not truly a musician.

Have you ever been in audio marketing information overload?

This morning I approached my pc with excitement after a long weekend away with the thought that I would create a group of blog posts and begin work on my new ebook. But the plan appears to have gone all wonky...

My Twitter client was opened by me to notice that my friend delivered me a link to a fantastic article about how to & # 34; sing like a rockstar & # 34;, and that led to another and then another.

So now I understand the hypothesis of killer vocal delivery but I am no farther on with my mission to give you guys the finest music marketing info I can gather.

-(Note to self, never open Twitter in the morning, it is a total bloody time sucking!

There are a few points that I have discovered over the years (but that I sometimes blow off) which have assisted me become more productive in my music marketing and in music in general.

- You can find only an extremely few of things that really want your period. These include making songs and marketing audio, forget the rest or do it in short breaks of 25 minutes every day.

- As work studying music marketing training does not count, you need to actually set a timer and begin getting something done also

. - Activity was focused by work in 50 minute bursts of with a brief break in between. This will help you tap into your body's natural rhythm.

- Do not examine your e-mail until 4 O'clock and established a 30 minute timer for this undertaking. Set your band e-mail accounts to let individuals know that you are performing this to be more effective and can return to them as quickly as you can

. - Offer yourself monthly obligations. This could be anything from writing blog posts to calling at least 5 music contacts everyday.

What does an unsuccessful morning look like for a 1.

Read 20 articles on music marketing and music business news.

2. Scanned Facebook and Twitter for 45 minutes and followed links at random.

3. Worked on the design of the audio site on a feature that just the perfectionists would find.

4. Spent half an hour in the audio forums.

Now the truth is that none of that stuff is bad and you could be forgiven for believing that you had gotten your palms very dirty in the audio company and created a share. But unfortunately that's not the situation because there is no preparation and no emphasis.

Now let us examine a morning to be happy with...

one. Spent a solid 50 minute period working on 2 new blog posts.

2. 10 minute recharge.

3. Added a couple of emails to the newsletter sequence that immediately goes out to the lovers. 8. 30 minute refresh. 9. Called 10 place managers and booked 2 gigs. 10. 10 minute recharge. 11. Spent 50 minutes answering email and understanding new soundcloud promotion strategies in my focus region. If you make a commitment like that daily you will discover that your function improves ten fold and then you may spend the remainder of the day reading your e-mail or understanding new music advertising stuff if you like. The issues can come when you use that early burst of vitality in the morning to just consume materials, and then when you get down to doing some real work you entirely forget what you were doing and have no focus.

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