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Diversity relates to the people of the Midwest. Diversity relates to the immigrants from various countries and how they made ends meet. It is similar to the French children's story titled Stone Soup. You put a lot of everything and make a very tasty dish. It is like the immigrants from the many countries coming together and forming a great state and nation. One item does not make a hot dish. Nor does one state make the United States. It takes many types of individual foods and people, all with different tastes to make something that is good.
~John Schneider, Saulk Rapids, MN

Hotdish. Nobody else has it.
~Lee Pflepsen, St. Cloud, MN

HOTDISH! Texas Hash Hotdish, to be specific, was the first meal I made to bring to my brother's boy scout potluck. I was nine years old. My mother was a busy working single-parent and I made the hotdish to lighten her load. The recipe was from a local church lady cookbook; my mom still uses it. This hotdish page is lovingly marked with butter stains and a burner outline/mark, from where I set book down and turned on the wrong burner. Yikes! My mom was lucky I didn't burn the house down.

Today, as a mother of a young family of vegetarians, I don't make too many hotdishes. However, I pride myself in making meals that are made from the heart with the best local and/or organic foods I can find. I know I owe some of my passion for foods to that first introduction to a hotdish! Minnesota just wouldn't be Minnesota to me without potlucks and hotdishes!
~Amy Sparks, South Haven, MN

Most Minnesotans can whip up a hotdish at anytime with ingredients readily available in their pantries. It must include a can of any style Campbell's Cream soup.
~Elizabeth Sherva

Hotdish...Unique to Minnesota.
~Kris Pflepsen, St. Cloud, MN

Oh, ya...well I tink dat der hotdish is pretty darn important in dis heer state of Minnesoooootah.
~Sven Andersen

If a person were to ask 150 different Minnesotans for a hotdish recipe, he or she would probably receive 150 different recipe ideas or variations thereof. A true Minnesotan has a favorite hotdish recipe on hand that can be easily prepared for the next potluck dinner or at a last minute get-together with family, friends and/or neighbors.
~Kathy Super, MN

Hotdishes are such a part of our history. They are the epitome of comfort foods and bring such satisfying memories to all Minnesotans.
~Linda M. Kopp, Staples, MN

Who in Minnesota hasn't tried at least one type of hotdish? It is only in Minnesota you can find so many different kinds. Hotdishes are special to the state!
~Sarah Marrone, Maplewood, MN

Only in Minnesota did we grow up eating hotdishes. Whether we ate them in school, at Lutheran church basement suppers or at Grandma's house with a bit of lefse on the side. Every Minnesotan ate hotdishes. Hamburger hot dish. Tuna noodle hotdish. Tater Tot hotdish. Thank God we didn't have lutefisk hotdish. Then again, lutefisk might taste darned good mixed with elbow macaroni, peas and cream of mushroom soup. Then again...maybe not. Oh well, the rest of North America may enjoy their casseroles and Hamburger Helpers, in Minnesota, we will always have our hotdishes.
~Shereen Jegtvig, Prescott, WI




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