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Other Nominations

There aren't any hockey fans like the fans here in Minnesota.
~Katie Hanson, Plymouth, MN

Neighborhood ice rinks. Celebrate--community! The neighborhood ice-skating rinks and warming shacks with the wood-burning stoves. The smell of wet wool mittens drying by the stove. Families skating together--maybe bumping into that shy neighborhood boy--skating at night with the huge open starry sky!
~Mary Waletzko Biddy, Maple Grove, MN

When the Wild can sell out every game at the Xcel Energy Center, and the high school tournament can do the same, it is quite clear that hockey has had a enormous impact on the state of Minnesota. The Wild proclaims it to be the State of Hockey, haven't heard any disagreements yet. Talk sports with anyone from outside the state, they'll ask you Are the Gophers gonna win another one this year? With more hockey players per-capita than any other state, there's no doubt that Minnesota wouldn't be Minnesota without Hockey.
~Dave Blaisdell, Shoreview, MN

Minnesota is the State of Hockey for good reason. In no other state do people go so nuts and we have so many high profile teams & events esp. high school tournament.
~Theresa Stead, St. Paul, MN

Minnesota Gophers Hockey. They are the Yankees of college hockey - whenever you beat the Gophers, it makes your season and if they fail to win it all, the season is a failure.
~Dave Stone, St. Paul, MN

If there is one sport that is most closely associated with the state of Minnesota, it would have to be hockey. From the Iron Range to Rochester, from Stillwater to Moorhead, tens of thousands of Minnesota children, teens and adults have played the game or had their lives affected by this sport. Some of the best names in USA hockey have come from this state, and the legacy of Minnesota hockey, at all levels, continues to shine bright for a sport which demands teamwork, sacrifice and courage.
~Robert Rees, Minneapolis, MN

My nominee, Ice Hockey, shaped the world by providing an activity that people can perform in the winter so we won't get fat. That's icky.
~Amber Browning, MN

Place of Hockey. Minnesota and its hockey roots. Nothing better than the old back yard - pond hockey in the winter time with your friends and neighbors.
~Nick Goers, Igh, MN

Hockey in Hallock. The history of hockey in the city of Hallock is long, with over 110 years of tradition. Hallock had the very first indoor ice arena in the state. The very first form fitting masks for goalies were unofficially invented in Hallock in the late 1950s early 1960s in the high school shop. Hallock will be having a hockey alumni reunion in December 2005.
~Dan Money, Hallock, MN

Neal Broten. Neal has done much to make Minnesota the State of Hockey. His many accomplishments include winning a NCAA championship with the Gophers, being the first Hobey Baker award winner, winning an Olympic gold medal in 1980 with the miracle on ice team, playing for many years with the North Stars and winning a Stanley Cup championship with the New Jersey Devils. He has always demonstrated what is best about hockey: hard work, teamwork, speed and not the more violent elements. He continues to be an advocate for hockey in Minnesota.
~Jeffrey Olofson, Woodbury, MN




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