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Henry Wellcome, who was born and raised in southern Minnesota during a very turbulent time. He turned many of his experiences, such as emergency medicine and politics during the Dakota uprising, and an outbreak of diphtheria in his community, into exploring the possibilities of innovative medicine. He left Minnesota to travel around the world, to invent, to collect, and most notably, to transform then-current medical practice. He specifically transformed pharmaceuticals when he co-founded Burroughs, Wellcome and Company in London in 1880. In addition to patenting a number of pharmaceutical innovations, upon his death Wellcome left much of his estate to the public via the Wellcome Trust and a number of related endowments.

For more information about Henry Wellcome, link to a great essay written by a local scholar at: http://mbbnet.umn.edu/hoff/hsw_art.html

I think Wellcome should be included in the 150 people, although he is relatively unknown here in Minnesota, he well known outside the US with his far-reaching innovations.
~Shanai Matteson, Minneapolis, MN




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