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This nomination is for the settlement - immigration category. Iver and Anne Hendrikson immigrated from Norway around 1847, when both were single. They married in 1859 and settled in the Deer Creek and London farming area of southern Minnesota. Iver and Anne had eight children and from them there are now over 1,530 known descendents.

Annually since 1925, there has been a Hendrikson Reunion picnic attended by young and old. This is an important example of the Scandinavian immigration to the Midwest and how family reunions keep us connected to our heritage. Our family has archived a detailed history with hundreds of photographs. This family history could make an interesting exhibit of how a common Norwegian immigrant family arrived to Minnesota, and over the past 150 years, became over 1500 descendents who are Minnesota farmers, teachers, nurses, ministers, social workers, business owners, etc. At our 2004 reunion there were four 90-year-old family members in attendance. While this nomination might be a long shot for winning, I am thankful to have been born into this loving family!
~Mary Lou Ratz, Minnetonka, MN




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