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Other Nominations

We gained national coverage of the amount of snow in a 3-day period, confirming the way the country views Minnesotas winter weather.
~Susan Moller, Shoreview, MN

While I am not a native Minnesotan, and in fact did not experience this snowstorm firsthand, I know it had a huge impact on the psyche of the people of this state. I moved to Minnesota in 1997, but every winter I count the number of times I hear someone talk about this storm. From comparisons of impending storms to talk about the hardiness of Minnesotans, this event is talked about by weather forecasters and regular folks alike. It seems everyone has their story of where they were and how quickly the landscape was transformed into a winter wonderland. I dont know if there will ever be another storm with the same collision of intensity and timing to equal the Halloween blizzard of 1991.
~Maia Hendel-Paterson

The city of Minneapolis was transformed into a world of white. Parties became sleepovers, costumes were modified and those brave enough to go door to door got the motherload of candy.
~James Regan, Minneapolis, MN




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