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This company became the standard for other companies to achieve in the processing of vegetables. They were the innovators, the developers of the fleeting moment to harvest vegetables at their optimum freshness. They grew from local to regional to worldwide which contributed greatly to not only our local Minnesota economy but to the world economy.
~Julie U. Petzel, Le Sueur, MN

Talk about branding world wide impact--agriculture and food industries, distribution and marketing challenges. Globally--Minnesota and the U.S. and the River Valley--is recognized because of the song and symbol of the Green Giant.
~Pat Steckman, Henderson, MN

Is a world renowned logo and label which originally represented Minnesota produce which was processed and canned in the Minnesota river valley. The Green Giants ho ho ho is an uplifting message which has made workers and consumers feel good about the products for generations. The Green Giant is visible on labels and billboards. There is a 60 foot statue of the Green Giant on Interstate 90 in Blue Earth, Minnesota.
~Chuck and Rita Frundt, Blue Earth, MN

It started small, in a small community, and grew to an international producer of canned and frozen vegetables. In turn, that drew attention to the Minnesota River Valley and really put the small LeSueur community on the map as the corporate headquarters grew and grew. Many jobs enabled many kids to get a college education. With several canning factories throughout Minntsota, it helped to shape the state of Minnesota.
~John and LeVaun Schmitt, Shakopee, MN

The Valley is both mythical and real. Made famous in an advertising campaign, the real valley is centered in Le Sueur. The Giant since 1928 and the Valley since the early 1960s have stood the test of time. The trademark is now established worldwide, and synonomous with MN agriculture. The Valley concept was created by Minnesotan Cleo Hovel, who was also instrumental in creating the Hamms Sky Blue Water campaign. There is a fine Green Giant museum in Le Sueur.
~Don Osell, Cohasset, MN




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