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My Uncle George Neuwirth built this ballroom in New Ulm, Mn. It has recently been reopened. For many years, it was the meeting place of local New Ulmers. It has the longest bar in Minnesota, a bowling alley and a huge ballroom. Bill Deal, famous disc jockey from the 60s, would drive down to New Ulm for teen dances. I was about eleven when I sent him a postcard asking for a ride to New Ulm. He called me and said, Yes. I rode down to New Ulm with him and his beautiful wife. My brush with greatness. Uncle George was a character. He and his wife Ella lived in quarters above the building. He raised carrier pigeons. The building is a beautiful creme color with a huge neon sign and should be preserved by the wonderful people of New Ulm.
~Patricia Neuwirth, Kaneohe, Hawaii




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