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Mr. Mikan was the first big man in basketball. The rules and regulations in play today are because of this early pioneer in the sport of professional basketball. He worked to bring back the sport to Minnesota resulting in the current Minnesota Timberwolves.
~Mary Ann Hall, Forest Lake, MN

Revolutionized basketball. The first dominant big man in professional basketball and the game's first true superstar. Associated Press voted him Greatest Player in the First Half-Century. Marquee above Madison Square Garden used to read Mikan vs. Knicks. Changed the game:

  • Trademark hook shot--round eyeglasses
  • In college blocked so many shots--put in goal-tending rule.
  • NBA doubled width of free throw lane because he was so dominant.
  • 24 second shot clock--Fort Wayne tried to stop Mikan by holding the ball. Lowest scoring game in NBA history--Lakers lost 19-18.
  • Led Lakers to five league titles in the first six years of NBA history.

~Gene Clabaugh, St. Paul, MN




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