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General Mills influenced the state of Minnesota in many ways. The untamed prairie land in the Red River Valley became wheat bonanza farms. In turn, the grain had to get to the mills, influencing transportation routes, where people lived, how people lived, thinking about the small towns in the Valley and the elevators and how the church, cafe, and post offices grew. The mills by the Mississippi and how flour became food, generating manufacturing and a host of industry. General Mills influenced how we eat: Cheerios, Pillsbury pie crusts, Gold Medal baking flour. They also influenced how we shop: saving Betty Crocker coupons for silverware purchases, Hamburger Helper for fast homecooked meals, and wanting to try the Pillsbury bake-off recipe.I truly feel that General Mills has earned its place in Minnesota History and deserves to be recognized.
~Karen Wennberg, St. Paul, MN

General Mills transformed our state by providing food. In 1949 General Mills teamed up with a company called meals for millions. It was a company that provided foods during World War II. They made food that could be made with water or other things. Then 10 years after they found that there could be emergency food for a cold war.
~Leticia Benitez Lopez, Minneapolis, MN




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