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Other Nominations

Our state would have never developed without the fur, logging and that type of commerce.
~John Pitzen, St. Paul, MN

It provided a way of life for the fur traders and the native people. It also helped them to develop a buisness relationship and form a major economy of the time. Fur trading played a big part in Minnesota.
~Sarah Hildebrandt, Kenyon, MN

As a people the voyagueurs opened the territory to the eastern U.S. By exploring the territory to provide furs to the eastern populace, the voyageurs identified the virgin Minnesota north woods. The Grand Portage was a consequence of their explorations. The beaver provided pelts and a market for hats! The voyageurs were the forerunners of later pioneers who settled in MN!
~Mark Schreiber, St. Paul, MN




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"In the Vanishing Footsteps of Voyageurs", an article from the January-February 2008 issue of Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine

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