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Photographers--most noted for photography of Yellowstone National Park. My nomination is for the father and son duo of Frank Jay Haynes and his son Jack Ellis Haynes, both photographers. Although they were born in Michigan and North Dakota respectively, they lived most of their lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Their photo studio was located at the corner of Selby and Virginia (now the parking lot of W. A. Frost). Their Saint Paul work consisted mostly of portraits but that is not primarily why they are known.

In the 1880s the Northern Pacific Railroad hired Frank Jay Haynes as their official photographer in order to promote passenger business for the railroad. His personal train car called the "Haynes Palace Studio Car" would stop in towns along the route and F. Jay Haynes would take portraits of the folks living there. He also photographed the beautiful scenery along the Northern Pacific route including Yellowstone National Park. In 1884 F. Jay Haynes became the official photographer for Yellowstone National Park and was granted the first license to sell photographs of the park to its visitors. He also began a transportation company which brought tourists through the park by stagecoach so they could see and appreciate the amazing wonders of Yellowstone for themselves. He retired in 1916, turning his businesses in Yellowstone and Saint Paul, Minnesota over to his son, Jack Ellis Haynes. It is said that Frank Jay Haynes was one of the most influential men in the history of Yellowstone. Some believe that the park would not have survived its early years of poaching and vandalism without his dedication to preserving the park through his photography, concessions and transportation company. He died in 1921 and is buried in Roselawn Cemetery in Roseville.

Jack Ellis Haynes continued in his father's footsteps and added many of his own photographs. He also wrote the "Haynes Guide" which was a book to use while traveling in the park to inform the visitor of historical information, descriptions of plants and trees in the park, wonderful photographs, and a useful map. Mr. Haynes updated these nearly every year. He also was a publisher of machine-produced prints, postcards, and souvenir booklets. Jack Ellis Haynes died in 1964.

The home of Frank Jay Haynes is still standing is St. Paul at 601 Dayton Avenue.

The home of Jack Ellis Haynes is also still standing in St. Paul at 1787 Hague Avenue. My husband and I live in this house today and have a 1911 photo of the house when Jack Haynes lived there.
~Patty Anderson, St. Paul, MN




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