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What makes Minnesota are its differences in seasons. Minnesota's seasons are all so very different from each other compared to most other states. Unlike most other states when fall cames around in Minnesota the heat of summer begins to fade and turn to cold. Leaves change into different colors and make nature's beauty stand out. Soon the leaves fall and the frost hardens the ground for a long cold winter. The rain forms to white snowflakes that blanket the frozen hard ground. We pack away our shorts and bring out the sweaters to bear the cold. Though it seems forever, winter does eventually melt away in the spring. Spring is a releaf from winter. A time when plants turn to green and wildlife comes out again.Following spring is summer that seems only to be a few short months, tends to seem miserably hot at times that it makes you wonder how it could possibly be so cold in the winter. These unique differences in seasons are what makes Minnesota, Minnesota.
~Nick OBrien, Isanti, MN

The changing seasons of Minnesota give our state vibrancy. We experience the beauty and wonder year after year and never tire of the melting, freezing, shining, blowing and greening cycles.
~Wendi Storhoff, Minneapolis, MN

There are so mnay examples of severe weather that were significant historical events: 1965 flood, 1997 flood, tornadoes, etc. and they are like milestones. Minnesotans always talk about the two seasons, winter and construction. We long for the summer, so we can go to the cabin, the State Fair, etc.
~Charles Rodgers, St. Paul, MN

Minnesota wouldn't be Minnesota without its perfect, beautiful four seasons.
~Gloria Pazik, Upsala, MN

The seasons of Minnesota make the state famous, because it's always really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. Most states are either always cold or always warm, but Minnesota is unpredictable. For example it could be snowing during Spring time. That's what I think makes Minnesota famous.
~Anthony Bridges, Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota actually has four seasons,unlike all of the other states of course.We have winter,spring,summer,and fall. Florida only has summer.
~Joshua Flanders, Bloomington, MN

Has made for endless conversation-starters. Teasing from other states. Our 4 seasons of calm, stormy, even rockn rolln weather is what we're known for.
~Sashez Lepinsky, Cottonwood, MN




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