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This Art Deco building was the first skyscraper built in downtown Minneapolis. Walking through the entrance you are immediately transported back in time, as you walk by the barber shop and tailors on the first floor, enter the decorative golden elevators, and make your way to the museum on the top floor. The observation deck provides a stunning view of the city and feels a little like Minneapolis's own Empire State Building, complete with telescopic viewers. It's truly one of my favorite spots in Minneapolis.
~Amy Pence-Brown, Boise, ID

I can remember local television personalities mentioning the Foshay Tower as a landmark location when I was a child in the 1960s. It was still the tallest building in Minneapolis back then, as it had been for years, its name in lights on all four sides of a pure white skyscraper, in a relatively innocent age of household words... Hubert Humphrey, Met Stadium, WTCN, the Weatherball and Red Owl Stores, just to name a few. Back then a kid could take landmark status seriously....
~J. Robinson, New Hope, MN

Housing television programs and business offices, this building stood tall in my early memories. The observation deck was fascinating, with the ride in the elevator, like a rocket ship to outer space.
~Joel Herrmann, Minneapolis, MN




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