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The birth of the state.
~Roy Johansen, Richfield, MN

This is home of many of Minnesota's firsts. Minnesota would be a dramatically different place without the Fort. Without Fort Snelling, Selkirk refugees may not have stopped here and would not have been forced across the river into modern-day St. Paul.
~Taber Akin

IT was a refuge for my ancestors and many others from starvation, Indian attacks on the settlers, etc.
~Deborah Daniels, Columbia Heights, MN

historic preservation - historic context - historic reenactment -great perspective on our historic roots.
~Sara Galligan, Eagan, MN

We fought during the war.
~Emily Young, SLP, MN

The first time the territory was recognized as part of the greater country and a future president, Fillmore, was part of the growth.
~Kay Shortridge, New Brighton, MN

This Fort is the oldest in Minnesota and also houses the National Cementary. It basically was the birthplace of the state.
~Nancy Beers, Coon Rapids, MN

  • began civilization in Minnesota
  • drew settlers who eventually founded the state
  • it was just a big deal for an unsettled territory!

~Rachel Marino, Minneapolis, MN

At the convergence of the Mississippi and the Minnesota Rivers, this natural location was well chosen. Served as a staging point for troops answering Lincoln's call to put down the rebellion in 1861 and again in 1862-63 to put down the Indian uprising in central and western MN. The whole history and settlement of central MN was tied to the presence of the Ft. Snelling.
~Dick Riley, Rochester, MN




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