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Other Nominations

Every lake of decent size has this male version of hanging out and getting away from the wife during the winter.
~Carol Lilygren, Klemme, IA

Fishing is fun for everyone.
~John Coleman

Because in Minnesota it's one of the biggest tourist attractions, helps the economy, and hello, 10,000 lakes, what else are we gonna do with them? And getting bait and fishing supplies helps small businesses.
~Brianna Filler, Cottage Grove, MN

People in many other parts of the United States can't believe that when the weather gets cold we drive our cars out onto lakes, build houses there, bring them there and fish out of them! The fact that many cars and occasionally houses sink, shows that many Minnesotans still haven't mastered when and how to do it!
~Wendy Mattera, Tonka Bay, MN




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