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Other Nominations

First Avenue helped change many people's outlooks on new underground music. Talented artists got a chance to express themselves before reaching the mainstream.
~Milan Wilson, St. Paul, MN

Without First Ave, there would have been no Prince & The Revolution, Morris Day & The Tyme, The Suburbs ... it's one of the defining places of downtown Minneapolis, and the one thing you can mention to people out of state and they know right away about it. Unlike ice fishing.
~Cady Jacoby, Little Canada, MN

First Ave is mostly responsible for the great music scene in Minnesota. Every Minnesotan musician that I've ever met has dreamed about playing the main room. When you're on that stage you're playing where some of the best musicians in the world have played and you know you've made it.
~Brianne Bue, Fresno, CA

Prince's first nightclub helped to cement Minneapolis's place as a leading music center in the country. Countless bands have played the venue at all stages of their careers. And many other local acts called it home before being launched on the national scene. It continues to provide a vibrant selection of diverse musical styles and hosts important events, such as the annual John Lennon celebration. Lines wrap around the block for shows both small and large.
~Allison Hill, Columbia Heights, MN

This historic venue has brought local, national and international musicians to town and put MN on the map as appreciating diverse music.
~Micki Dirtzu, Minneapolis, MN

First Avenue has consistantly offered local & national talent, different kinds of music & launched the careers of local musicians. Put Minnesota on the cool map. The historic building is also unique with the round wall @ Ist Ave & 7th st. Really neat for a former Greyhound station.
~Elizabeth Lee, Minneapolis, MN




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