Favorite Quotations... What Do They State About Us?

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Have you ceased to consider what your Favorite Quotes are

saying about you as well as your daily life experiences?

The manner in which you relate with them? How they relate to you?

Today... I determined to take one of Inspirational Quotes About Life and see

how it applies to me. You might need to accomplish the same thing.

This quote by Louis L'Amour is one of my favorites...

Up to a place a man's life is shaped by environment,

heredity, and movements and changes in the world about

him. Then there comes a time when it lies within his grasp

to shape the clay of his life into the kind of thing he wishes

to be. Only the weak blame their parents, their race, their

times, lack of fortune, or the quirks of fate. Everyone else

has it within his power to say, "This I am today; that I is going to be

tomorrow." -Louis L'Amour

I can look back and observe how my life was shaped by early

environment, heredity and changes in the entire world around me.

My entire life was shaped by my parents, buddies, schools,

encounters, injuries, where I lived, moves I made, and

treatment from others, all had an impact on me.

I was affected by some experiences greatly. A few of these

emotional feelings stay with me and influenced me later in my own life.

There when I realized I control my own personal reality with my ideas, imagination, thinking and actions came a period.

What I

think of and concentrate on creates my reality. My imagination and thoughts

cause my actions. And so I started to shape my entire life.

Understanding, I get a handle on what I can DO...BE... and ALSO HAVE.

When I made the most progress in my life, when my dreams and goals came to the surface that is.

I determined what I

wanted to do with my life. Many times these were wishes and goals

I had at an early age.

Sometimes, my early goals and desires faded in to the

background, but were still in my memory.

I know people who habitually blame parents, environmment,

race, shade, location or whatever else they can think of

except... where the blame should be... In it!

No one else would be to attribute... I take responsibility for the good and the terrible in my own life

, because, my own reality is created by me.

This is a feeble man who blames everything on

some one or something else.

The things I put off are my very own fault. I can not blame others,

or my environment for not taking an action... because, now

I see clearly...

I Create My Very Own Reality!

My point of power has Become... Today! I can not alter days gone by.

Where I can make changes for my future the present moment is.

My thoughts, imagination, some ideas and actions today, create my reality tomorrow.

I become what I think about all day long long. That determines

what I am going to do, be, and have tomorrow and in the future. I

create it!... I will be in charge of the poor and the good. What I

focus on becomes my reality. That is true for any and all

areas of my entire life.

And... I believe it and accept it!

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