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Any cat lover will testify Lowe's invention of cat-box filler Tidy Cat is a godsend to all people owned by cats. It simplified an unpleasant task into a much easier method. This certainly has changed a cat lover's life worldwide.
~Josephine Christensen, White Bear Lake, MN

Edward William Lowe was born July 10th, 1920, in St. Paul, Minnesota. He served in World War II in the US Navy. Then in 1947 he invented Kitty Litter. It changed the households that owned cats all over the world because when cats used to use the bathroom it would smell, but now because of the Kitty Litter it wouldn't smell anymore. In total he received 67 patents. He received many awards such as the Arthur Young's Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1990 he started a company called Edward Lowe Industries, Inc. Then on October 4th, 1995, he died.
~Jason Fotso, Maple Grove, MN




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