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Dr. Holman is a biochemist who, while director of the Hormel Institute in Austin, a research center of the Univ of Minn, isolated omega 3 fatty acids and described their health benefits for human beings. He is one of the few Minnesotans ever named to the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Holman is a native Minnesotan, raised in Minneapolis. His family home is Uppsaala. He graduated from Bethel College when it was a 2-year college. Bethel has named its chemistry labs after Dr. Holman and his late wife, Karla the Univ of Minn BS in Chem, Rutgers Univ Masters and the Univ of Minn PhD. Now retired and in his late 80s, Dr. Holman is a brilliant scientist whose work changed our understanding of our bodies, our nutrition, and our health. Dr. Holman is also a humble, kind, man who loves Minnesota deeply. I am his minister and know him well. I count it as one of the greatest honors of my life. Perhaps he could be included in a hall of fame of world-class Minnesota scientists.
~Jim Peck, Austin, MN




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