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Revolutionized law enforcement in cities and counties throughout Minnesota and the nation. Former FBI, Co.Attny, Sheriff, Past President Natl Sheriffs Assn., historian, and resolved many crimes over past forty years.
~Patricia E. Postle, Plymouth, MN




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I was a detention deputy in the 1980's-1990's during the end of Don Omodt's tenure as Hennepin County Sheriff. One of my enduring memories was the "Loyalty Oath" (as we called it) which was a quote from Elliot Hubbard that Omodt had affixed to the wall in the jail's staff lunch room. It read: (as I recall)

"If you work for a man, In Heaven's Name work for him, speak well of him, and stand by the institution he represents."

If you must damn, condemn, and eternally find fault, why - resign your position and damn to your heart's content. But as long as you are a part of the organization do not condemn it.

If you do not, the first high wind that comes along will blow you away, and probably you will never know why."

(The "Loyalty Oath" was bolted to wall and protected by quarter-inch Plexiglas.)


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